What is A Celebrant Led Wedding Ceremony?

How will you choose to celebrate your wedding?

Have you always dreamed of getting married under the full moon or at sunrise? Or even considered eloping? Your wedding ceremony sets the tone for the rest of your celebrations, and it is important that your ceremony creates the right impact.   I want you and your guests to be inspired, uplifted and feeling happy after listening to the ceremony and talking about it for all the right reasons – and not the wrong ones!

Why have a Celebrant led wedding if they’re not legal? The answer is simple because this is your wedding day.

A registrar won’t meet you beforehand, they won’t plan every aspect of your ceremony in minute detail, and they won’t tell your story.   Your ceremony will be delivered by someone you have come to know, like and trust, not just by the person allocated to your date and who you meet that morning.

A marriage is a legal status, the wedding is the celebration.   So, let’s celebrate, you deserve a ceremony that tells your story, and a Celebrant can give you that.

So wouldn’t it be great if the person with you at the front, the one sharing your story and gently guiding you through your vows, was a wedding celebrant you had chosen and who you had the chance to get to know before your day.

Celebrant led ceremonies are becoming more and more popular with couples giving you the choice to have the wedding day you want.

It should only cost you around £57.00 to legally register your marriage.

You need to give your Notice of Marriage and then book a Statutory Appointment at your local Registration Office to register your marriage; which will require two witnesses of your choice.  You say the legal words to each other, sign on the dotted line and your marriage certificate is sent to you in the post.

It’s like buying a house, you let a solicitor do all the legalities beforehand and that house is not yours until you have the keys in your hand!!

So, why not just register your marriage a few days before or after your Celebrant led ceremony and have your ‘Wedding Day’ exactly how you want it.

Your Day, Your Way, Making Memories That Will Stay

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